Saturday, March 14, 2009

Things that fill Saturday morning with JOY!

Sunshowers as we drive.

On the footpath in Windsor: seeing the skinny old man who walks his skinny old labrador, which carries a large yellow ball in its mouth. Feeling like I know everyone in a city of over a million people.

Driving past a cricket match just as a wicket is taken.

Spotting a white shoe in the centre lane of Lutwyche Road at Windsor.... and its pair in the centre lane of Gympie Road at Chermside.

Walking down 5th Avenue at Sandgate to the foreshore of Bramble Bay and finding the oil slick has missed our muddy beach.

Two cups of coffee, the first in the car and every time I pick it up the lights turn green! The second as I read the paper.
"Be Thou My Vision" playing over in my head. God bless.

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i cant sew said...

knowing that my little family are all home together with no agenda (until the afternoon party)fills my saturday with joy. missing you and your deck. we need to have some sort of gathering, afternoon tea or something for matthews birthday perhaps, sooooooon.
%*_*% rosey