Friday, October 24, 2008

Another Shoe Story

This is an oldy but a goody; dates back to the eighties. I lived in Toowoomba and could walk to work in about 30 minutes. I would of course wear joggers (trainers, gym shoes for any overseas readers) and then change into more formal shoes when I arrived at work.

On this particular day I had my formal shoes in my back pack. There was an intersection close to work which was notorious for drivers running the red light. Because of this, I was not able to step off the curb until after the walk light had changed to flashing red. An impatient driver waiting to turn the corner blew his horn at me as I scurried across the road. I was moving so quickly that one of my shoes wriggled out of the backpack and onto the road. The next car ran over my shoe!

Quickly running back, I managed to retrieve my shoe without injury to my own person. I was pretty annoyed by the bad driving and impatience, though.

However, I was rewarded to find that my shoe was not only still in one piece, but, having previously squeaked when I walked, it now had the squeak squashed out of it!


agapanthas and goldsworthy said...

he he he see you today

i suck at sewing said...

just testing something out. bye

i suck at sewing said...

yay it worked, i changed my name for a bit of fun. i might just check that it links back to me. it is so much fun having a sister on here to test this sort of stuff out on. xx